Hamza Khalid

Hamza Khalid

I am passionate about electronics, gadgets and trending technology. Having an inclination for computer programming has helped me to carve my advances in technical understanding and logical reasoning. I am working towards maximizing human potential for good and contributing to the benefit of mankind.

I am currently working as a Research Assistant in Neurocomputation Lab of the National Centre for Artificial Intelligence at NED University of Engineering & Technology. During my Undergraduate studies, I worked as a Freelancer and have worked on software and AI projects for many local and foreign companies. This is when I found interest in these two areas. Following my passion — although I am electronic engineer — I started working in the software and AI department of this lab.

I am dedicated to empower youth. In 2018, I founded Hackerspace Karachi with the aim of mentoring and guiding young students to help them explore their technical interests. I conducted different Technical courses and career counseling sessions to fulfill these goals.

Skills: Artificial Intelligence, Full Stack Mobile and Web Applications Development, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Programming languages, Arduino, Raspberry Pi

If you’d like to contact me, please send me a message through our Contact page.

Languages: English, Urdu