Janani Mohan | Isvari Mohan Maranwe | Nathan Maranwe | Rishi Mohan

We’re dweebs who think we have a sense of humor. Starting in 2019, we’ve been creating jokes that’ll make your sides split and interesting takes on the world around us.

We create YouTube videos aimed at dweebs, about various topics like If Book Genres were People and California vs DC. We also write fiction books that we’re currently in the process of publishing and have a blog on Medium.

Janani Mohan

Janani is a recent graduate of UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Political Science. She is a writer and researcher, working in politics, media, and nuclear policy. In her free time, she loves travelling and taking photos!

Isvari Mohan Maranwe

Isvari is a national security and cyber security lawyer, with a background in particle physics and supernova cosmology. She loves singing, playing the piano, and oil painting.

Nathan Maranwe

Nathan is a litigator focused on constitutional law issues, and works to represent disadvantaged people. He enjoys playing chess and has a sixth sense for etymology.

Rishi Mohan

As the cutest, furriest member of Dweebs and Dogs, Rishi can often be found begging for food or barking for attention. Rishi serves as 1/4 of Dweebs and Dogs, gets 100% of the attention in videos, and does 0% of the work. What a charmed life he lives!